I am a final-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. My main areas of researches are Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics with sub-domains in Machine Learning, and Computer Vision but I'm highly enthusiastic to explore different fields alongside.

Previously, I've worked as a Research Assistant, and Visiting Researcher at Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada under the supervision of Dr. Daniel J. Rea in the domain of Human-Robotics Interaction where I was involved in developing novel approaches for maintaining flow in teleoperated robot navigation.
At the same time, I also worked as a Research Assistant at Robotics Research Center, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) under the supersvision of Dr. Madhava Krishna, Dr. Harikumar Kandath, and Dr. Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla where my work broadly focused on the following projects: UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing Automated Building Inspection, and Safe landing of UAVs in Dynamic Scenarios.

Before IIIT-H, I was an undergraduate researcher at Robotics Lab, UPES where I worked on the Autonomous Terrestrial Robot Localization, and Map-building under the supervision of Dr. Ashish Karn. Even before then, I worked as a Research Intern at Networks Research Lab, International Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) under the supervision of Dr. Arani Bhattacharya.

Apart from pursuing my academic interests, I possess a deep and fervent passion for open source projects, as further detailed in the "Open Source" section below. My involvement in open source initiatives has been substantial, marked by extensive contributions to various projects. Notably, I have garnered recognition from Google Open Source, receiving the esteemed Google Open Source Peer Bonus award in acknowledgment of my significant contributions.


Absolutely! I possess a strong inclination towards research projects. Wondering why? Some of the reasons have been nicely summed up here.

I find it fascinating that starting with bulding blocks in Probabilistic and Statistical thinking and throwing in some Linear Algebra and Calculus in the mix, we can accomplish extremely powerful function approximators that can emulate knowledge-based reasoning. At present I am focusing on laying down firm roots in the basics, and taking an applied look at Artificial Inelligence and Robotics. Hence, I'm inclined to study various fundamental problems that enables Autonomous Flying of UAV's, Autonomous Vehicles, and advancing control systems. For instance, my recent work at IIIT-H investigates about grouping different fields together to produce better outcome, automating civil inspection of the buildings through UAVs, and safe landing of UAV's in dynamic scenarios through combination of Deep Learning Models, Computer Vision Techniques, and Point Clouds.
Further, I also enjoy building robotic systems to demonstrate various ideas in practice that could span the entire world with optimised solutions

Open Source

I've been involved into open source as an open source research strategist and tech diversity community management specialist, developing new, and improving existing, computer-based technologies, systems, and solutions in advanced open source ecosystems. I've worked with organisations like Mattermost Inc., CHAOSS Community, Linux Foundation, Sugar Labs, Terasology Foundation, and JBoss Community. I am more of a research person and love doing researches around the products and communities. My involvement extends to research publishing, media, and diverse technological development aimed at fostering a brighter educational future. Committed to progress, I devote significant time to mentoring, aiding in the creation of OSS/FOSS solutions that hold the potential to shape a more promising open-source tomorrow.

I have been supporting communities maintain good relationships with external communities and projects, organizing meetups and events generating FOSS ecosystem, supporting the community in the outreach, creation of tools, and generating processes.
I help organizations understand, use, release, and contribute to free and open-source software in a way that’s good for both their end-users and for the community.

Refer to Open Source Program Engagements to know more about my open source involvements, and contributions.


Below are a few recent news from my involvements that I have participated in:
- Research Paper Accepted at ICUAS, 2023
- Research Assistant at Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of New Brunswick, Canada
- Pre-print Published at Arxiv, Robotics (cs.RO)
- Research Paper Accepted at ECCV Workshop (CVCIE), 2022
- Research Assistant at Robotics Research Center, IIIT-Hyderabad
- Part-Time Contractor at Mattermost Inc.
- Undergraduate Researcher at Robotics Lab, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)
- Research Intern at IIIT-Delhi
- Google summer of Code Mentor with CHAOSS Project, The Linux Foundation
- Awarded Google Open Source Peer Bonus Program
- Project Administrator at CommunityBridge Mentorship Program, The Linux Foundation
- Google Season of Docs with CHAOSS Project, The Linux Foundation
- Google Summer of Code Mentor with SugarLabs Community
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