Framework for Safe Landing of UAVs in Dynamic-Scenarios

It is heuristic safe landing framework for multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles in dynamic scenarios, that can be installed in any companion computer, as long as it contains a graphical user-interface.

Keywords: UAV, Robotics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, EdgeML

UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing Automated Building Inspection

This proposes different methods that automate the civil inspections through UAV-based image data collection and a software library for post-processing that helps in estimating structural parameters.

Keywords: UAV, Robotics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

Autonomous Terrestrial Robot Localization, and Mapping

It is a cost-effective, and algorithmic method for autonomous terrestrial robot Localization, and map-building using multi-ultrasonic sensors

Keywords: Terrestrial Robot, Robotics, Localization, Mapping